Grooms Can Definitely Wear Color Too!

It is generally thought that grooms can only wear black and very dark colors on their wedding day. While this might be true for weddings that are on the very formal side, the truth is that a casual wedding will actually allow grooms to wear plenty of color.

How can you incorporate colors into your wedding attire? We have some tips for you – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • The suit itself. Whoever said suits have to be black, grey, or navy clearly knew nothing of the amazing range of colors available for grooms! From bright blue to sapphire green and even coral pink, grooms are free to wear whatever color they want on their suit. Of course, they are allowed to do this as long as their wedding’s dress code is permissive with it – but other than that, there’s literally nothing to stop you from adding a very powerful dash of color to your wedding day look.
  • The shirt. Not sure about a colored suit? How about a colored shirt, then? Patterned or simple, you will be genuinely impressed by the large variety of colored shirts grooms can wear. Just imagine how stylish you will look wearing a thick fabric gray suit and a patterned shirt that incorporates red and white! Perfect for an outdoor fall wedding!
  • The accessories. If you want to keep it serious, but still want to add a bit of color to your wedding day look, accessories are your best friends. The tie, the bow-tie, the boutonniere, the pocket square, the cufflinks, and even the socks can be gorgeously matched with each other, in colors that are lively and full of energy!

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