How to Choose a Tuxedo for Your Big Day

Looking excellent may not be a major priority for you, especially not on a daily basis. However, your wedding is a totally unique event – and you deserve to look simply amazing.

How to choose a tuxedo for your wedding day? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Know your wedding style. Will you have an ultra-formal wedding? If so, you will have to wear a certain kind of tux. However, if your wedding is a bit more casual, you can wear a variety of tuxedo types and suits (and you can even add elements that coordinate with the wedding colors themselves).
  • Know your budget. Same as with everything wedding-related, having a clear budget for your wedding attire will help you stay within your financial limits. Otherwise, you might end up spending way more than you can afford – and that won’t make anyone happy, especially not in the long run.
  • Know the trends – but don’t incorporate them unless you actually like them. Wedding attire trends can inspire you and they can give you a direction. However, following these trends without feeling genuinely attracted to them may not be a great decision. You want to look at your wedding pictures and still like the attire you wore on the Big Day, even if two, three, or even five decades have passed since!
  • Know your body type and shop for it. Not all suits and tuxedos are meant to look the same on everyone – and that’s perfectly natural. For example, if you are tall and muscular, you might want to wear a one-button jacket because it will make your waist appear slimmer. Likewise, if you are short and slender, it is advised that you stay away from shawl collars, double-breasted jackets, and four button jackets as well.

Here at Coleman’s Tuxedos, we do more than just sell amazing tuxedoes and suits. We advise our clients and we help them find the attire that’s absolutely perfect for them. Contact us and schedule an appointment as well – you will not be disappointed!


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