Sky Blue on a Groom’s Attire? A Wonderful Choice!

People tend to believe black, gray, and navy are the only colors suitable for a groom. Of course, these may be the most formal ones – and they are definitely the most commonly-spread ones too. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to add a bit of color to your wedding attire – and yes, sky blue is a stunning choice.

How to incorporate this beautiful pastel in your wedding look? Here are some ideas to help you with this.

  • A classy suit in sky blue. Combine it with a white shirt for the perfect spring wedding attire, with a navy shirt for a stylish and cutting-edge look, or with a salmon pink shirt for a look that’s unapologetic and daring at the same time.
  • A beautiful shirt. Not looking to add a lot of sky blue to your outfit, just enough to make yourself noticeable? A sky blue shirt will work wonderfully with a white, black, or navy suit – and no, these are not the only options you have. Match your suit’s color to your bow-tie’s color for a fun, well-balanced appeal.
  • Some blue details. You don’t have to wear an actual piece of clothing in sky blue if you want to keep it on the formal side. A blue bow-tie (simple or patterned), a pocket square, a pair of cufflinks, or even a sky blue boutonniere – they will look fantastic when combined with the right clothing items.


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